Negative use of Alcohol in Scripture

NoahGenesis 9:21Drunk,, shame, curse
LotGenesis 19:32Encouraged to get drunk, incest
IsaacGenesis 27:25Encouraged to get drunk, deceit
Nabal1 Samuel 25:36Drunk, could not listen, death
Uriah2 Samuel 11:13Encouraged to get drunk, deceit
Amnon2 Samuel 13:28Encouraged to get drunk, murdered
Elah1 Kings 16:9Drunk, could not fight, death
Ben-Hadad1 Kings 20:16Drunk, could not command his army
AhasuerusEster 1:10-11Drunk, humiliated Queen Vashti
Leaders of IsraelIsaiah 56:12Drunk, judged by God
King of IsraelHosea 7:5Drunk, reject God, apostasy, judged
People of the NationsJoel 3:3Trading girls to get wine, judged by God
Bad stewardsLuke 12:45Drunk, judged by the master
Christians1 Corinthians 11:21Drunk at the Lord's Supper, judged by God