1. As a member for the Greatplace professional staff or member of its board of directors, I will place the welfare of our patients & their families in matters affecting them above all other concerns.

2. To this end, I will deliver kind & humane treatment to all in my care regardless of sex, age, race, creed, disability, or sexual orientation.

3. I will not deliberately do harm to a patient, either physically or psychologically. I will not verbally assault, ridicule, attempt to subjugate, or endanger a patient, nor will I allow other patients or staff to do so.

4. I will urge changes in the lives of patients only in their behalf & in the interest of promoting recovery from the illness we are charged to treat. I will not otherwise press them to adopt beliefs & behaviors that reflect my value system rather than their own.

5. I will remain aware of my own skills & limitations. Since patients & former patients may perceive me as an authority & hence overvalue my opinions, I will attempt never to counsel or advise them on matters not within my area of expertise. I will be willing to recognize when it is in the best interest of my patients to release or refer them to another program or individual.

6. I will not engage in any activity that could be construed as exploitation of patients for personal gain, be it sexual, financial, or social.

7. I will not attempt to use my authority over a patient in a coercive manner to meet my own ends. I will not promote dependence on me, but help patients to empower themselves.

8. I will not name or give information about a patient, former patient, or family member except to other Greatplace as required by treatment or when specifically authorized by the patient.

9. I understand & agree to defend both the spirit & the letter of Greatplace policy on patient rights & bill of rights, & to respect the rights of other professionals.

10. As a caring & caregiving person, I understand that a therapeutic relationship does not end with a person's leaving Greatplace. I will recognize the need to conduct any subsequent relationships with former patients with the same concern for their wellbeing that is acknowledged above. Sexual involvement with a patient is unethical. Sexual involvement with a former patient exploits emotions deriving from treatment is almost always unethical.

11. In my personal use of alcohol & other mood-altering drugs, I will serve as a responsible role model for patients, staff, & community. If I have been chemically dependent in the past, I will maintain total abstinence while employed at Greatplace.

12. I will exhibit responsible concern for the wellbeing of my peers & the Greatplace community by not ignoring manifestations of illness or unethical conduct of colleagues.

13. I will accept responsibility for my continuing education & professional development as part of my commitment to providing quality care.