ACOA Acrostic

Addictive, compulsive behaviour
Delusion and denial
Unmercifully judgmental of self or others
Lack of good boundaries
Tolerate inappropriate behaviour

Constantly seek approval
Have difficulty with intimate relationships
Incur guilt whenever you stand up for yourself
Lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth
Disable will
Reactors rather than actors
Extremely loyal to fault
Numbed out

Over-react to changes over which you have no control
Feel different from other people

Anxious and hyper-vigilant
Low self-worth and internalised shame
Confuse love and pity
Overly serious
Have difficulty finishing projects
Overly dependent and terrified of abandonment
Live life as victims
Intimidated by anger and personal criticism
Control madness around you (and every other situation)
Super-responsible or super-irresponsible